How to Start a Plant Based Diet.

If you want to know more about this diet and need a outline on how to start it I challenge you to look at Dr. John McDougall’s free 10 day program.  He starts by telling you why it is the diet for life and how are bodies get all the vitamins and nutrition through a plant based diet. Then there is a free download at the end with a meal plan. If anyone is willing to do this I would love to do it together.  

The Free McDougall Program: John & Mary McDougallMary and I have held nothing back—the pages that follow contain all of the information you need to understand our program and successfully change your diet and lifestyle—in order to quickly regain your lost health and appearance. This section of our website puts recovery from serious chronic diseases, and a lifetime of excellent health, within everyone’s reach.Changing your diet, starting an exercise program, and giving up bad habits require effort. We encourage you to take advantage of additional educational opportunities, such as our national best selling books, DVDs, weekend seminars, and our 10-day residential program for more help.

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