Meet Meg Wolff the Lady that used Plant Based Diet to Kick Cancers Butt Twice

This lady is an inspiration, I would love for you to visit her site and see how she kicked cancers butt and turned around and made something of it.  She’s written a book called “Becoming Whole” which tells about her complete recovery from breast cancer and a cookbook called “A Life Balance” that is plant based.  I copied this from her home page, you can see the rest at Meg Wolff life in balance…becoming whole.


Welcome! I hope this website is useful for anyone interested in living healthier. I also want it to be a rich resource and place of support for people dealing with cancer, including those trying to recover, and their families and friends.
I’m a two-time survivor – bone cancer and then breast cancer. Doctors gave me little hope after I’d been through all the traditional medical treatments. So I gave a macrobiotic diet a try. I believe it saved my life. I eat a more modified plant-based diet now and am very healthy nearly 13 years out.


This site has a wealth of information about the connection between diet and a healthy life, about macrobiotics and plant-based eating… and much more.


Please e-mail, visit my blog and friend me on Facebook here(personal page) or here. (Becoming Whole page). I’d love to hear from you!


Love, Meg

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